Power Up Stem Internship

Developing Globally Competitive STEM Professionals

Did you know while the overall percentage of 24 year olds in the United States with STEM degrees is 6%, only 2.7% are African American and 2.2% are Latino?

Did you know that African American men and women make up less than 3% of scientists and engineers, Hispanic men and women make up less than 4%, and only 1 in 10 STEM professionals is a woman?

Why Should This Matter To Me?

In order for the United States to compete both domestically and globally for technological jobs, it is imperative to address the need for competent Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) professionals.

Despite a national focus on directing more students toward science, technology, engineering and math fields – particularly women and minorities – the STEM workforce is no more diverse now than in 2004. The demographics have remained largely stagnant.

“We have created a program called Power Up Internship Program that hires underrepresented students (in local technical and community colleges) to teach, train, nurture and educate them on the value of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers. This opportunity will allow these students to further bolster their education with practical training in our company through paid internships and other job opportunities. We are convinced their skill base can expand, enabling underrepresented communities to participate in the economic growth of this region. We are honored to work with local technical and community colleges to offer this exciting opportunity that will impact the local economy in a positive manner."
    -Shreedhar Shah, President/CEO

What Can We Do?

Shah and Associates, Inc. has designed an innovative and unique paid internship program for students to have “real world” experience in the work place while still attending school. We realize it is unacceptable that only 12 percent of the STEM workforce is comprised of underrepresented minority employees.

The goal of the Power Up Internship Program is to increase the number of minorities from underrepresented communities to compete in a growing technological innovation-driven economy.

For additional information or to apply, please contact Shah & Associates at info@shahpe.com.